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Rise Athletics is East Tennessee's newest All-Star Cheerleading Gym! We will be providing All-Star Cheer & Tumbling classes as well as High School cheer tumble and stunt 

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We are new here so we want you to know what parents had to say about us at our previous gym!


100% Results

Rise Athletics will be bringing together some of the best coaches in the country to provide top quality, safe and proven instruction to bring your athlete to the next level

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Training Facility

Rise Athletics' home facility is a climate controlled, 6,000sf space with a full 54'x42' Spring Floor, 30' Tumble Trak, 30'x'42' Dead Mat Floor, Comfortable Parent viewing lobby and large parking lot located in the hear of Madisonville. 

Our Methods

What we offer


Competitive Cheer

Fly high and Rise up with us! We specialize in our All-Star competitive cheer program that will be sure to take your athlete to the next level We offer competitive and non-competitive teams!


Come flip with us! Whether you are new to tumbling or working that layout or full, our state of the art facility and experienced coaches can help you Rise Up!


As experienced D1 athletes, we know what it takes to condition your body to perform at your peak! We take conditioning very serious and integrate it daily into practice

High School

We work with local high schools and can provide practice space, stunt and tumbling coaching and routine choreography. 

Rise up with us!


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